The Carbon Ranch Project began in November, 2010, with the Quivira Coalition's 9th Annual Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which was titled The Carbon Ranch: Using Food and Stewardship to Build Soil and Fight Climate Change. It was inspired by recent research on the role grasslands can play in sequestering CO2 in soils. The conference drew nearly 500 people from across the West. A prominent feature was the map that we produced for the event, which became the basis for the Carbon Ranch Project.


As part of the conference, Courtney White wrote an essay on the Carbon Ranch which was published in Quivira's Journal in December, 2010. A shortened version was published in Rangelands magazine in April, 2011.


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 Support for the Carbon Ranch Project is provided by the Compton Foundation, the New Cycle Foundation, and the Lydia B. Stokes Foundation, as well as by Quivira Coalition and its supporters.