These are key articles and publications on carbon ranching. It is a representative selection of current writing and research, rather than a comprehensive list. It will be updated as often as possible!


General Articles

  • The Land Stewardship Letter                                                                                                                           (No. 3 &4), 2012                                                                                                                                              


General Books, Reports, and Publications

  • The Carbon Farming Handbook: an Introduction to Soil Carbon, Land Management and Climate Change (3rd edition) Published by the Carbon Farmers of Australia.
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More Technical


  • 'Grassland Management and Conversion Into Grassland: Effects on Soil Carbon'/ Richard Conant, Keith Paustian, Edward Elliott, Ecological Adaptations, 2001.                                                        
  • "Organic Farming Enhances Soil Carbon and its Benefits," Paul Hepperly, Rita Seidel, David Pimentel, James Hanson, and David Douds Jr. 2007                                                             

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