Trick Photography: Quick Tricks To Improve Your Skills For Dating

We all want to take better photographs. Regardless of your skill level or the price of your camera equipment, there are photography tips and tricks that you can use to take better photos. Whether you are striving for the perfect photo or just want to post better shots on Instagram and Facebook, here are some “trick photography” tips you can use to improve your photography game. Obviously if you are in jail, this may be a problem, and you may just want to look for some prison dating sites.

Burst Mode On Your Dat  — Capture the Perfect Shot

It can be difficult to capture the perfect shot. This can be especially true when you are trying to take photographs of a group of people. Your camera’s burst mode is your secret weapon to capturing that one moment when everyone is smiling, and nobody is blinking. When this mode is used, your camera will take a quick series of photographs, much faster than you would be able to take them manually. The end result is a series of photos so that you can choose just the right one.

Use Backlighting Creatively

The first hour of sunrise and the last hour of the sunset are special times for taking photographs on a date. With this soft, golden light in the background, your subjects will be surrounded by a magical halo effect. You can also play with your camera settings to accentuate the lighting effects.

Ditch the Viewfinder

It can be difficult to take candid shots in natural or city settings when you are constantly looking through your camera’s viewfinder. Instead, try your hand at taking photos without even glancing at the viewfinder or the photos you are taking. Manually focus your camera at an appropriate range of your photography subjects. Then, put your camera on a strap around your neck and simply walk around, taking a short burst of photos. After you have taken a few, take a look at the shots you have captured, and then make any necessary adjustments to your camera’s position or focal settings.

Silhouette Shots

Taking the perfect silhouette shot is highly dependent upon the amount of light the sky is providing, if you are on a date. Make sure your camera’s flash is turned off. Then, look at the sky and select a bright spot away from the sun. Use this spot to take an exposure reading with your camera. This will result in more stunning silhouette shots, with your subject in the foreground and the sky in the background.

Play Around with Overexposure

When light levels are low, you can get some interesting effects by using your camera’s over exposure settings. By purposely overexposing your photos, you will achieve some interesting and amazing light effects.

Panoramic “Drive-By” Effects

Never underestimate the ability of your mobile phone’s camera to take interesting panoramic shots. As long as you are the passenger and not the driver of a vehicle, you can use your smart phone camera’s panoramic feature to take some interesting “drive-by” photos. Simply hold your camera steady at the window, and take some photos. Then, use your camera’s “stitching” feature to create fun panoramic photos of the scenery that was passing by.

Easy Pinhole Photo Effects

This is a quick and dirty, but surprisingly effective trick. Using a thumbtack or other similar sharp object, pierce a hole in a piece of cardboard. Then hold the camera up to the hole and take some photos. The end result will be an interesting framing effect. Try using different materials and varying the size of the hole for even more special effects.

Use Flash in Daylight

It is important to remember that flash can be used on sunny days as well as dark and shady days. If you want to take a great portrait on a sunny day, place your subject with his or her back to the sun. Then, use your camera’s flash to brighten your subject’s face and remove shadows.

Amazing Baby Photos with Natural Light

Flash is not the best choice when taking baby photos because bright flashes of light can startle babies and make them squint. Instead, take advantage of natural light for the best baby portraits. The trick is to get as much natural light as possible onto your subject and to use a reflector if necessary to coax light into any shadowy areas. Try to get as much light on your subject as possible, so that you will be able to use a lower ISO sensitivity setting. The end result will be high-quality baby photos.

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